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11 October 2010 @ 01:58 pm
RGB and the Music Videos of Michael Jackson  
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For the current challenge @ picspammy

Red + Blood On The Dancefloor;
"Blood is on the dancefloor/blood is on the knife"
Michael uses a lot of red in his videos, but the first thing I thought of was Blood On the Dancefloor primarily because, well...Blood is red. They sort of had to include the color in the video but I think they did it in an awesome way. Its great to see MJ back in red leather, and I like to think of it as a little homage to the red Thriller suit. I also love the combination of the red and the sliver. Chic, clubby and just...fun.

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Green + Rock With You;
"You know that love survives/And we can rock forever"
Compared to Michael's other videos Rock With You is probably the simplest, but I think thats why I love it. All we really need is his voice, some disco lights and a few sparkles and we can rock all night long. He doesnt use a lot of green in many of his videos but here its perfect against the sliver sparkles and contrasts nicely against the other lights. Its extremely simple, yet spell bounding and absolutely perfect.

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Blue + The Way You Make Me Feel;
"I never felt so in love before/Promise baby you'll love me forever more"
Blue is extremely prominent in the The Way You Make Me Feel video, and whenever Michael performs it he even wears that blue shirt. I think that the color adds a lot to the video, giving it a romantic feeling yet just enough sexy street edge to make it interesting. And of course the use of water at the end is gorgeous and acts as the perfect backdrop for Michael's 'shadow' dancing, it captures the simplicity of a black and white effect with just enough pop of color to keep it interesting...

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